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Writing Coach

Do you need help writing clear and concise, well-organized reports that capture your readers’ attention?



Do you need a memorable keynote speaker for your next conference, corporate event, or virtual meeting?  



Do you want your meeting, retreat, or workshop to have the best chance of success?


Executive Writing Coach

With fewer face-to-face meetings and phone calls, executives are writing more than ever.    Whether you are updating your board, sharing bad news with an audit client, or providing direction to your staff, your writing must be clear, concise, relevant, and well-organized.  Furthermore, your writing must capture your readers’ attention.

Private coaching is best for executives who desire to write in a way that demonstrates their problem-solving and leadership abilities.   Furthermore, coaching works well for executives who deal with critical, sensitive topics, and thus, want to enhance their writing skills one-on-one.

During the four-phased coaching process, we will:
  1. Identify your specific writing goals and challenges.
  2. Create a customized coaching plan.
  3. Conduct the coaching sessions.
  4. Follow-up regularly post-coaching to discuss your most recent writing challenges and successes.
Each coaching session will include instruction, a document review, feedback, and exercises. Moreover, we will use your actual work documents during our sessions!

Good writing has the power to influence change, inform decisions, and inspire action.  If you want to write with greater clarity and confidence in any workplace situation−and save time and frustration while writing− then schedule a free introductory call.  I look forward to speaking with you.
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Keynote Speaker

Do you need a memorable keynote speaker for your next conference, corporate event, or virtual meeting?  Are you searching for a speaker with an expertise in internal auditing’s softer side?

Then look no further than Margie Bastolla Facilitations.Known for her enthusiastic, warm speaking style, Margie inspires auditors to build meaningful, productive relationships with clients and colleagues.  With fresh perspectives, practical advice, and a sense of humor, she engages her audiences, sharing personal stories that inspire, invigorate, and educate.  

Margie speaks on topics that help audit and compliance professionals build impactful relationships, influence needed organizational change, and supercharge employee engagement.  Two of her most popular keynote presentations include Appreciative Leadership:  Encouraging the Best in Everyone and Creating Impactful Relationships with the C-Suite.

Margie has keynoted at national conferences for The Institute of Internal Auditors, The Association of Local Government Auditors, The Society of Corporate Compliance and Ethics, and others.  Traveling the globe, she has spoken in over 30 countries.  

Why not schedule a call today to discuss your event’s speaker needs!
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Professional Facilitator

Do you want your meeting, retreat, or workshop to have the best chance of success?  When discussions are critical, and differing views and interests are present, a facilitator can make the difference between your event’s success or failure. Applying highly developed communication, problem-solving, and team-building skills, I have facilitated hundreds of meetings, planning sessions, and workshops during the last 25 years.

Whether your strategic plan needs a refresh, your team needs to solve a problem and build consensus, or everyone to needs get on board with a new initiative or change in direction, I am here to help. Remaining neutral and unbiased, I will ask the difficult questions and help your group reach a successful decision, solution, or conclusion.

When should you hire a professional facilitator?
  • When you need a neutral party to guide discussions, engender trust, maximize engagement, and get participant buy-in.

  • When the meeting deliverable is critical, and you don’t want to leave anything to chance.

  • When you need everyone’s input into important decisions.

  • When you need the group to align and to solve difficult problems.

  • When you need the group to own the results and solutions generated.

  • When you need to surface sensitive issues and manage any ensuing conflict.

  • When you prefer to actively participate in group discussions, not facilitate them.

Could a professional facilitator improve the success of your next meeting, retreat, or workshop? Schedule a call today to discuss your upcoming event and desired outcomes.
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