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Your Success, My Mission

Report writing doesn't have to be a headache...

When you issue clear and impactful reports, your reports start working for you, not against you. You connect with clients, you communicate what does and doesn't work, and you do your part to make the organization stronger.

I know how hard it is to communicate clearly and have taught thousands of auditors to clarify their writing. Most auditors dislike writing, and they DETEST writing audit observations and reports.  I get it. Writing is arduous, the editing process is frustrating, and the next audit is already calling.  Moreover, report writing is time-consuming and can make your brain hurt.  There must be a better way. Report writing should not be this hard!

My name is Margie Bastolla and I help internal audit and compliance departments write clear, impactful reports, reduce revisions and rewrites, and quicken report issuance. I've trained hundreds of organizations around the world on everything from report-writing and leadership skills to risk-based and performance auditing. Furthermore, I wrote the 2023 book Clarity, Impact, Speed:  Delivering Audit Reports that Matter, 2nd edition, published by The Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA). Before forming my training company, I spent twenty years as an executive and leader at The IIA. Thus, I know and LOVE auditors!

The human brain is drawn to clarity and away from confusion.  If your reports confuse your readers - or if your readers must burn too many calories to understand your reports - you’ll lose credibility.  When you clarify your message, people begin to listen.  Audit and compliance professionals that communicate clearly, garner management’s respect, grow in credibility, and become trusted advisors.

IIA studies confirm what you already know. Your team members need solid communication and writing skills to excel today and advance tomorrow. During my writing workshops, your team will learn a proven approach that makes reports EASIER TO WRITE, EASIER TO READ, and EASIER TO IMPLEMENT.

I’d love to customize a training plan for you!

  • Certified Internal Auditor
Principal of Margie Bastolla Facilitations:
  • Trainer and consultant who has:
  • Worked in over forty countries.
  • Taught thousands of auditors from hundreds of organizations.
  • Provided customized, onsite training to Fortune 500 companies, the U.S. military, international agencies, and various private and public sector organizations globally.
  • Helped numerous organizations design reader-centric reports.
  • Author of the 2023 book Clarity, Impact, Speed: Delivering Audit Reports that Matter, 2nd edition, published by The IIA.
Previous Roles:
  • Twenty years in executive and leadership roles at The Institute of Internal Auditors in Lake Mary, Florida.
  • Internal auditor for Worthen Banking Corporation.
  • Public accountant for Deloitte.

Wasted time.  Numerous revisions. Mounting frustration.

You deserve better!

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