Published by the institute of internal auditors

Clarity, Impact, Speed:

Delivering Audit Reports That Matter, 2nd Edition

by Margie Bastolla, CIA

Foreword by Richard Chambers, Former President and CEO, The Institute of Internal Auditors

Audit Report Writing Book Cover - Clarity. Impact. Speed. by Margie Bastolla, CIA


Audit report creation sparks more frustration and debate among auditors than almost any other auditing task. Furthermore, most auditors dislike – and many detest – the report-writing process, finding it arduous and time-consuming.

Internal Auditing’s stakeholders, such as senior management and the audit committee, rely on well-executed audit reports. These reports, therefore, should align with the strategies, goals, and priorities of  both the organization and its stakeholders.

Clarity,Impact, Speed explores practical, modern techniques that engage the report’s readers and speed up report development.

Write for the readers

Enhance report content and quality

Quicken report issuance

Topics Covered

Clarity, Impact, Speed is a how-to book for developing shorter, more impactful audit reports. This book teaches proven approaches that make reports easier to write, easier to read, and easier to implement. It will be of interest to preparers (internal auditors and compliance professionals) and users (senior management and audit committee members).

  • Introduction to Reporting
  • Report Structure
  • The Reporting Process
  • Developing Content
  • Strategies for Reviewing and Editing
  • Writing Quality
  • Report Format
Audit Report Writing Book Cover - Clarity. Impact. Speed. by Margie Bastolla, CIA